The Half-believer is someone who holds some sort of personal superstition or amulet.These "magical" objects or behaviours are not commonly shared with others. Most of the time these beliefs or rituals are exercised in private and sometimes so infrequently that we forget we have them. Many half-believers are reluctant to confess their beliefs for fear of the ridicule.

"Even if I dont believe in this rituals and charms what´s the harm in trying?" or "It is the only thing I really believe in!" are things a half-believer would say.

This blog is a journey through the intimate rituals of different half-believers from multiple parts of the world and it is part of my research for my masters degree project at Central Saint Martins in London.

If you feel you might be a Half-Believer please leave a comment with your ritual/ amulet or e-mail me at : , the information will be posted as anonymous.

Private Oracle

Omens are a sign of something, situations or events that somehow predict the future. Someone told me that when newspaper are being too optimistic it is a sign that something bad is going to happen; another half-believer told me that dark skies and thunder without rain meant missfortune. These category of my research still needs to get pictures developed, in the meanwhile I have some videos.